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    Links resizing despite being the same image



      I have to relink images in an Indesign document as this is a new job I have to change our internal prefix job number.


      For example 12345 - Client name - file name the only change I make is to the job number the image itself has not been changed or resaved but when I relink the image it usually increases in size.


      I have found a work around when the pop-up preview window (please see image) appears I can choose from the CROP TO OPTIONS but this usually takes 3 attempts to find the correct option.


      I have never experienced the image size changing when I have had to relink images in the past unless the actual image was size/content has been amended.


      The files I have to relink are all PDFs could that be the cause?




      Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 09.22.23.png