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    Won't Relink / Find Groups of Images. Have to Relink Each Image Individually.

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      Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 9.13.50 AM.jpg

      I have a huge, very well organized catalog of photos for a big client (why I have some info blurred out). Although the LR catalog was organized, the photos were somewhat.


      I had three locations for the images (desktop, G-drive, and another G-drive). All have the same folder structure with the exception of some subfolders that varied in name slightly. Image names never changed. A mess I know.


      I recently moved all of the photos, removing duplicates, to one location on my desktop. The way I will keep it. The folder structure that I use is in the Lr catalog you see on the left, and this is how I have the folder structure on my desktop with the raw, original images.


      The Problem:

      When I go back to relink the images, some will relink every image I have selected in that collection by finding just the first image in that group and then the rest will be discovered (what I want).


      Other folders I have to relink each individual image even though they are in the same catalog and all the originals are in the same folder (problem).

      -the names of the photos have not been changed

      -the images might have been pulled from different drives and folders before, but other groups have relinked just fine.


      I have discovered it will relink all the same file types at the same time, but not a mixture (jpeg,tiff,CR2). Though this trick does not work with those.


      I’ve tried everything. And I really don’t want to relink 2,000 images individually. Any speedbumps I might be missing?


      Really appreciate any help!