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    Saving psd corrupts its name


      I've got latest Photoshop CC on win10

      Autosave of a file somehow shortens filename. For example I have name UI_TabletIcons.psd, after some time it becomes UI_TAB~2.PSD. And if i accidentally hit ctrl+s to save it - it will save file with short name, but if i shoose 'save as' - saving dialog will show me original name.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Autosave save recovery PSB files  in your AutoRecover folder not PSD file in your folders.  Save and Save As and export will.  Where do you see these short names? What OS do you use.  Windows has two filenames for files.  Long Name and short 8.3 character filenames.



          dir /x *.jpg

          11/09/2014  10:04 AM           197,069                JANEAD~1.JPG           Jane A. Doe Jr..jpg

          09/08/2016  03:33 PM         4,567,318              NEARWH~1.JPG        Near white Background.jpg

          12/14/2013  02:59 PM         2,115,534                 SWEETY~1.JPG         Sweet Young Girl.jpg

          06/23/2010  04:07 PM         1,778,523              YONGMA~1.JPG       Yong mam Big stick.jpg



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            алексейл57971130 Level 1


            Hi! I'm talking exactly about PSD file, as you can see here is file name changed from FinishLevels.psd to FINISH~1.PSD

            If i hit ctrl+s to simply save my changes without any dialog - it will save psd with this short name all caps.

            I see them in explorer, total commander, dropbox webpage and any file open dialog. In older versions of PS i didn't have such problem


            I'm on Windows 10

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Photoshop Document Names are read only can not be changes by actions, scripts or using Photoshop UI.  However,  Photoshop may switch Document when you do a save.  For example if you open a flat jpg file and save a PSD Photoshop will close the original jpg document and switch to the psd document you just saved.  Photoshop just need to change the current name and backing file full path name.  I do no know why Photoshop is showing  A Windows 8.3 short  file name.  Can you use the Dir command on the folder file name with the /x option to see if the file has a different long name. If it an old PSD how was the PSD opened into Photoshop? What method did you use?

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                алексейл57971130 Level 1

                Dir command shows long names like in your example:


                01.08.2017  18:02     (507 821 787) UI_MAT~4.PSD UI_Match3Targets.psd


                Mostly i'm using IrfanView to preview files and it has "external editor" shortcut, where PS is added

                Seems like THIS IS when things go wrong, cause it has checked  "Send short file name to external editor". I'll try to uncheck it and see how it goes.


                Thanks for idea where to look up!