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    AE cant render as Mp4 -there is no option to


      well, what am i supposed to say. Why won't this work now. With quick time selected it won't give me the option to render as a 0.264 :/

      I just recently reset my whole computer, wether there is some reason connected with that i don't know.

      I'm really struggling to render my project right now. Eeverything else will only give me a black screen


      here is a picture for the option i am given. Unbenannt.PNG

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, Apple stopped supporting and developing H.264 in a QuickTime container. You don't want to do that. Second, the output module in the Render Cue is not capable of multi pass rendering and all MPEG encoding benefits from MP rendering. Third, the ability to render a very clean mp4 using H.264 compression is included in the Adobe Media Encoder along with some really good presets for common delivery standards.


          All of this information in available in the Help files and is posted all over this forum and the net in general.


          If the Adobe Media Encoder does not solve your problem then get back to us. If every rendering option gives you a black screen then you have other problems with your comp and we need workflow details.

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            SuperFranki Level 1

            alright, media encoder seems to have solved my problem!