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    Error in preview and render. Weird lines and colours everywhere

    Mariano Puppo Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I was working just fine, doing lots of AE composition with dynamic links on premiere. Comps are pretty simple, some background with 4 point gradients, some PNG images for the products, line beams and 3D camera. The problem started with some weird colours on the top of one composition. But now I can't even work, every time I add an effect, like drop shadow, blur, or anything the layer converts into some weird lines and colours, if I move the values sliders the preview shows sometimes the correct preview and sometimes the layer just disappear. Very weird. I hope this is a software problem and not my video card.  anyone experienced this before? any ideas? I have a very tight deadline and I need to finish 35 videos  this week

      I attached an example with a solid no fx, and same solid with drop shadow.

      Thanks for your help


      My setup:

      OSX 10.11.6

      2x2.4 Ghz Quad Core intel xeon (old Mac pro 5.1)

      64Gb ram

      Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan X 12G


      Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.24.20 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.24.12 PM.png