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    Broken links

      My user community has started to point out a bunch of "broken links" when I go into Robo to repair them I get errors when fetching the titled gif. How ever the pop up only says application has generated errors and will be close by windows you need to restart the program.

      It seems to be more the fetching of the image not necessarily the link.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          If there are broken links you'd be able to see them in the Broken Links view in your RH project. If none are there, the problem being reported is something else.

          I am a unclear what you mean by "titled gif" and you seem to have popups also. Can you provide us with some more details regarding these so we can get a better picture of what you have and where the problem may lie.
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            amgnmatt Level 1
            Here is a screenshot of the offending page.
            There is a screen shot here.
            Maybe that would help
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              HKabaker Level 2
              It looks like you are linking directly to the .gif.

              Better, put the .gif into its own topic and link to the topic as a popup.

              Other techniques are posssible; this is the one I use.

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                amgnmatt Level 1
                Here is the top part of the Dr. watson if it helps.

                Application exception occurred:
                App: (pid=3256)
                When: 6/27/2008 @ 10:50:37.194
                Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)
                pid 3256 must have been Robo help as we cleared the error log before generating for this log.
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                  HKabaker Level 2
                  Does the location of the .gif correspond to the target of the link?

                  In other words, is the .gif where the link is looking?

                  Sometimes a "hard" path creeps into the string. Sometimes the link is looking outside the WebHelp folder. You didn't tell it to do that in the RH project, or maybe you did without realizing it.

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                    amgnmatt Level 1
                    The link was working when it was discovered that the image did not load. We have found that when trying to perform a new image insert and using the gif that is in the web help folder robo again crashes.
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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                      Hold on, "in the web help folder". You're not pointing to an image in the output folders are you?

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                        HKabaker Level 2
                        The illustration shows you are putting an image into a dropdown text box.

                        Are you pasting the image, or using the Insert Image command?

                        Either way, you might try importing these images as baggage files, too, as added insurance that RH will consider them in the project.

                        If RH says the image is already in the file, go ahead and overwrite it.