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    Lightroom mobile meta data sync


      Hi all,


      since this is my first post I am not sure if this is a German or English forum...let's play safe :-)


      I have been using Lightroom for the last 5-6 years or so and only recently started using lightroom mobile...I found the sync with my desktop version works (almost) perfectly. Only almost because the metadata of my photos is "corrected" in the desktop version so that the snapshot time in the thumbnail is the sync time. Here is what I have done:


      1.) Add 900 photos from my iPhone fotos app to Lightroom mobile

      2.) All 900 photos show correct metadata (date and time as shot), giving me a nice timeline in the app

      3.) Distributed the 900 photos across 4 collections and synched these to the desktop version


      The result I get is that a photo in the mobile app has a correct timestamp of, say July 1st 2015, and after it appears in the desktop version has a timestamp of August 8th (sync date). They are still sorted right but only through the file number and I am not able to filter for the year the picture was taken.


      Any idea what I am doing wrong?