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    Air 26/27 loading external swf - cannot navigateToUrl with method POST

    Spider22 Level 1

      I have an AIR 26/27 app running on windows. When I click a button in the app, it opens a window that loads an external swf into the new window. I have successfully loaded the external swf from either local or remotely from a server, using either loader or HTMLLoader - swf loads. In the loaded swf all seems to work fine, except when I click a button that is supposed to open the default browser using navigateToURL using request method POST, it opens the url in the browser but does not pass the post parameters. When I load the external swf directly into the browser, all works fine, and when I click the button it opens the url with the post parameters passed. So in the AIR loaded swf, the navigateToURL works in opening the browser, but does not pass the post parameters - I have tried with loader and HTMLLoader, local or remote swf, none seem to work.