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    Acrobat Reader DC always opens full screen, no setting to change this


      I'm currently running Acrobat Reader DC version 2017.012.20093, and no matter what, it always opens maximized, taking up my entire screen. The only setting I've been able to find to change this is in Preferences>Documents>Restore last view settings when reopening documents. But this only works for a document I open, restore down, then re-open. Every other pdf I open for the first time is always maximized.


      I open hundreds of new pdfs per day at work, so this is a ridiculous hassle. Nothing else seems to have anything to do with this bug/setting, and this only just started happening this week as far as I can remember. August 4th 2017 and back it didn't seem to happen.


      I'm going to have to find another pdf viewer because this bug/feature absolutely kills the program for me.