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    Book disappeared

    joh398 Level 1

      Dear Lightroom Team

      Could you please let me know how to restore a book that was created and saved and all of a sudden disappeared. When returning to the book module there was just a blank book and my work was gone. However, in the film strip below, little black tags still indicate how often a picture was placed in the respective book.

      Looking through previous threads in this forum, I realized that the problem is known for a few years, especially with Version 4. However, there seems to be no solution to this issue yet. Any suggestions?

      System: Version of Lightroom: 6.0 [1014445] on Windows 8.1 Home Premium Edition, x64.

      Thank you for any helpful answer.



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          If you look in the Collections panel, do you see your "Saved Book" Collection? (It will have a small icon that looks like a book)


          "Team"-  we are just other 'users' here but like 'working together'.

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            joh398 Level 1

            Thank you for your kind help. After placing my question I realized that it is a user forum, rather than a support chat managed by adobe. Doesn't really matter.


            Back to topic, my saved book collection is visible. A small book icon and the arrow that only becomes visible when the cursor is placed over it to open the book. I can open the book, however, it does not display my book, but an empty book with an arbitrary layout. Unlike when generating a new book, the empty book displayed cannot be saved as a new book. It looks like my book was replaced by this empty book, however, the thumbnails of the pictures in my book still display and display the little black tag with the number of occurence in the book.


            Any further idea?

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              I had a recent glitch also- a small book re-opened with 51 pages auto-filled with the same photo filename but the pages blank.

              So I don't have an answer to your 'glitch'. It is a strange one.


              Suggestions  (each more drastic)-

              Right-click the Book Collection to create a Duplicate to use for experimenting, then 'experiment'.

              Open a recent Catalog Backup to see if you can find a working version of the Book. (You may be able to Export and Import "As a Catalog" to restore the Book from the working version.)

              Reset the Lightroom Preferences.

              Re-boot the computer.

              Update Lightroom  with the 6.12 update  (no need to un-install first)

              Run Adobe CC Cleaner to 'clean' and un-install 'selected Adobe programs' , then Install Lr Application v6.0 followed by v6.12 Update.

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                joh398 Level 1

                Most of the suggestions I already tried, no success.

                But I did not yet restore the book from a backup, my most recent backup is 5 days old, most of the work potentially lost was done after this timepoint. My concern is not only about this book, but also about future projects. How can I avoid this issue in the future? If this threat hangs over each book like a sword of Damocles, I would consider changing to another application, at least for book printing.

                And I did not yet update to 6.12, I still await a response from Adobe. If this should be helpful, I will definitely let you know.