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    Photoshop Compression Issue


      I am creating a baby announcement for a client and am having troubles with Photoshop. The images included are high-resolution, since these files are going to be sent to the printers. When saving the file as a JPEG at maximum quality the file ends up being much smaller than the original images. My high-resolution images are sized between 14-15MB. After saving in Photoshop, the jpeg file size is 726KB. This is quite a significant drop and I cannot send this file to be printed. I have tried starting over and recreating the announcement. I have tried using a Photoshop template. I have tried exporting my images again. I am at a loss. I have no idea what to do next and no idea how to fix this problem. Again, I have high-resolution images that I am putting into a Photoshop file and wanting to save as a JPEG file to be sent to the lab to be printed.