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    Annoying Box Won't Go Away, InDesign won't quit, All Preferences Being reset.




      I love InDesign, but lately it keeps crashing over and over; or if you try to quit the program, it won't quit until you Force Quit. I turned on the program after rebooting my computer and I can't get rid of this annoying box that just won't go away:


      Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 9.59.59 AM.png

      It is in the upper right corner - it is greyed out with a white border and it gets in the ways of my panels. I tried for help on Chat Support but I get a blank page where I am unable to send a message. I'll insert my issues, submit then it goes to "Live Chat" but it is just a greyed out button and no chat at all, no support from Adobe. I'm hoping someone in the community has an idea of how to get rid of this annoying box.


      Also, I have made document presents for templates that we use where I work all the time (i.e. an 8.5" x 5.5" with .125" bleed, non facing pages because we use this all the time for postcards that we design. This keeps disappearing when I restart the program.


      Also, When I export a PDF I like to View the PDF after I export it because we will make our proof file from our print file using Acrobat, however, this also doesn't get saved. It is super annoying.


      The program was uninstalled and reinstalled by my IT Manager at work, but we still can't get it to stop freezing up and having to be force quit. Every time it is force quit, all the preset documents and other settings are not saved.


      Please help me get rid of this annoying box in the corner.


      Thanks Adobe members - I have more faith you will help me out than Adobe's actual support.