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    Why has CS6 [Perpetual] become CS Extended [after downloading Photoshop CC]?

    Bella 2

      Yesterday I downloaded Photoshop CC.

      I understood that as it was a new standalone version my existing CS6 would not be changed.  So why do I now have the Extended version that I DO NOT WANT as none of my Extensions are working.  So I can not go back to my old CS 6 version as nothing I really want there is working.

      I am absolutely furious - wish I had left well alone.


      Judy Knights

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Hi Judy.  Creative Cloud has a facility to install Previous Versions which means CC 2014, CC, all the way back to CS6

          Because CC does not differentiate between Standard and Extended versions of Photoshop, CS6 defaults to the full version.  However, I have not heard of an existing perpetual licensed CS6 being affected.  CS6 Perpetual License, and CS6 via Creative Cloud, are two separate entities with an entirely different installation process.  So are you saying that your original installation of CS6 has changed, or did you install it again from the CC Application Manager?


          You probably know that there is no actual difference CS6 Standard and CS6 Extended from an installation point of view.  It's purely a factor of what serial number is used as to whether the Extended features are unlocked or left greyed out.  However, having said all of the above, there is no reason why your extensions would not still work in CS6 regardless of whether it is the Standard or Extended version.  Photoshop changed to using HTML5 from the earlier Flash to code and run extensions with CC2014.  Jeff Tranberry gives details on this page


          Photoshop CC 2014/HTML5 Compatible Extension Panels


          If your issue is Flash/HTML5 related, then you should be able to run CS6 or the original CC (14.0) along side the latest version of CC, and all your extensions should work. In fact, if you are using OSX, I believe that you can two versions open at the same time. That is not the case with Windows though.


          If you can give us details, we might be able to help further.

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            Bella 2 Level 1

            Hi Trevor -

            Thank you for your reply - I have only just found it!  am not very savvy with these forums!  (too old!)


            I downloaded CC & Lightroom OK from the cloud - this is the first time I have ventured into CC. 

            It was when I opened my original CS6 I realised that none of the extensions will work as it has become Extended. 

            I have tried all sorts of things but  nothing works - in fact immediately when I open up Extended now I get a window which says 'cannot complete command because the Extension could not be loaded'  I have tried re-loading an extension but in the Extension Manager it tells me it is already there!

            On the cloud window when I click on the CS6 'what's new' tab it appears to link the 13.1.2 versions of 6 & 6 Extended together.


            What I would like to do is Uninstall Extended & then re-install CS6 from the disc - but what is the best way to do this?  Using 'Uninstall' from the Cloud window or 'Deactivate' from the Help tab in Extended?


            Any help will be gratefully received -