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    Controlling swipe (and other gestures)


      Forgive me if this question is redundant, I couldn't find anything.


      I'm running Photoshop CC on a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10. The three-finger swipe for step backward (or forward) would be amazing if I could limit it to stop at one step per swipe; Unfortunately it seems to be hyper sensitive on my machine and I can rarely get it to go just one step backward or forward. I also swipe it on accident some times, and Photoshop goes nuts and undoes 20 things. Is there any way in Photoshop (or in Windows 10) to control preferences for such gestures?


      Likewise the one button on the surface pen is useless for anything in Photoshop, it would be nice if I could set that to be a step backward button as well.


      Little issues that, over time, start to seem like enormous inconveniences that really hinder productivity.


      Thank you, friends, for any insight.