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    Flash update legit?




      I was prompted to install a flash player update on my windows laptop. Looked legit, didn't seem faked, but I know there were something like 600k people infected on macs that also thought the update was legit. I meant to ignore the prompt, but instead installed the update, and would like to know how to authenticate its validity. It was installed on 8/8/17 and was labelled as


      " Adobe Flash Player 26 PPAPI" by Adobe Systems Incorporated


      upon finishing the download, it was launched on what appeared to be the legit Adobe site, and was installed without problem. I also know this to be a legit update number, so if it was faked, it was done with prior knowledge of the update incoming. Since there is no number to call, where I can simply have a 2 minute conversation with some intern in a phone farm that would easily clear this up, I am having to post this here, where it is likely to never be read or responded to. So if anyone else updated today, or can help me get in touch with someone who can validate that this is indeed a legit update (it didn't have the common signs of a fake), please let me know.