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    How to have multiple people sign the same pdf document in various places?


      Hello everyone,


      I work with CAD drawings that are saved in a shared folder as a pdf by designers. Production then prints a single copy and passes it along, signing the completed sections once confirmed for accuracy by various people.


      We'd like to eliminate the hardcopy, replacing it with an electronic method, but can't seem to figure out how to use acrobat for the signatures.


      The signatures would have to be secure because it's the actual fabricator that is signing off on their accuracy, and various people would be referencing the same drawing (pdf). So they'd be signing off on various section of the drawing next to the dimension that was cut.


      We've purchased a few tablets that they will share between shifts and between personnel to view the documents and sign/save as the product is completed. So we graduated from paper and pen to tablet.


      We've played around with stamps, but these are not secure as they can be deleted by another user. Certificates seem to be a solution, but also the most confusing. Do I have to create a user (Windows OS tablets) for all the production floor staff that will need to sign the documents? Do I then have to create a certificate for those same folks? Do they just need 1 user on the tablet? I'm not sure how certificates work best for what we want to accomplish, or if thats even the solution.


      Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You,


      Jose Ortiz