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    Delete photos from LR Mobile (android) but keep them on ipad


      Hi all.  I could not find a solution for this, and perhaps there is not an easy answer.  Ill try and keep it simple.  I need to clear space on my android, and LR mobile data is taking up 10gb. Mobile on android is synced with ipad app.


      -I am using LR on my android (s7 edge) and also my iPad Pro, so they are synced currently.  I am not using it on desktop, too slow on my current system.


      -I take photos with my phone, add them to LR so that they are synced and i can edit them on ipad.  Once they are synced, i no longer need them to be taking up storage on my phone, but if i delete a photo from LR mobile, it deletes it from all synced devices (ipad).


      -The only advice i got from chat support was to save the photos to my gallery (on ipad) but it only lets me Save 15 at a time, and i have thousands of photos.  Is there no way to bulk save? 


      I hope this makes sense.  I need to be able to keep uploading pics from my phone to LR mobile, so deleting the app on the phone is not an option, and in order to sync new phone pics to the ipad, i need to enable syncing between devices.  Is there some way to just have one collection that i use to import new phone pics and then have ONLY that collection be synced?  I feel like that might work, but then the "all photos" folder has no option to "not sync" on the phone...



      Thanks for any help, and let me know if i need to clarify any parts.