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    Tagging of jpg when as sidecar


      I want to be able to update both raw NEF files and Jpg files in one go when I rate, tag & face them.

      I have the import option set to "treat jpgs as sidecars" so I only get 1 raw file in LR. The jpg are as a fact also considered a sidecar (if I remove NEF file, jpg is removed along). As a consequence I only have NEF files in LR browser (don´t even show the +jpg). Tagging goes into XMP sidecar for the NEF as it should.


      Now - I would also like the jpg to get the exactly same tagging automatically. Is that doable? I would still want to stick with only showing the NEF file in LR browser. Duplicate import of NEF + jpg and then stacking them would not be what I would prefer. Is there a way around this or do I have to import all jpg as separate files?


      How can I automate copying existing NEF tags to non-updated jpgs? Any ideas?