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    Tethering still doesn't work on with Nikon D7100

    brucel22146639 Level 1

      Seems there are a lot of threads about how the Nikon D7100 has issues tethering with Lightroom.


      I've gone through all the suggested remedies for restarting, replugging, removing memory cards, upgrading software, firmware, and operating system and nothing.  The D7100 is recognized as an import source, but LR doesn't recognize the camera as a tethered camera.  Lame.


      This is MacOS 10.12.6 on a 13" 2016 Macbook Pro.  Lightroom 6.12.


      Can anyone point me in the direction of this being a MacOS issue, a Lightroom issue, or a Nikon.  From the looks of previous posts, this has been a ridiculously persistent issue.  Isn't this 2017?