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    After Effects CC 2017 Scaling Glitch in Render?


      Hi, I'm fairly new to After Effects CC 17, and I just finished making a project. However whenever I go to render, at the beginning of every new clip, there is this odd thing where it zooms in like crazy for just one frame, and then goes back to normal. This doesn't happen in my preview, only when I render. I have tried turning off all motion blur, FX, scaling/ position, and to no avail. I've looked for hours trying to figure this out and I've found nothing. I'll include a video with the differences between how it shows up in my preview and how it renders. I spent so many hours on this project, I'd really appreciate if someone who knows this platform very well could help me figure this out without having to start new. The applied FX I have on all the clips are Motion Tile, CC Radial Blur, and Optics Compensation. I also have scale, position, and rotation key frames applied to most of the clips. All of my key frames have "easy ease" applied with slight adjustments in the graph editor. Is there anything specific in any of these that could be causing it? I tried turning them all off, and the problem persisted, but could there be something I'm missing?


      Just to clarify- the video under "preview" is how it's supposed to look. If you pay close attention, the video under "rendered" has a really odd frame where it either zooms in or out dramatically, which doesn't happen in the preview version. I slowed it down so you can see it a little better. It happens at the very beginning of each transition. Whereas in the preview, my transitions are smooth and a simple zoom, no weird zooms or anything like that. If you have any idea of what could be causing this please let me know. (like I said I'm new with this platform so try to make it clear and simple for me) It's almost like when it renders it skips the frames of the zoom where it blurs that makes it smooth, and goes right from the first key frame to the last, where it's zoomed back out again. If that makes sense. If you need to slow it down even further please do, I really wanna keep using CC 17 and don't want to run into this again. Anyways I'll stop talking. Like I said I'd appreciate any help I can get, I hope I'm not just being stupid


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