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    Video quality is bad and also goes down when i press play?




      As the title states, I am trying to edit videos in adobe premiere 15.  The video files are coming from OBS Studio.  I am saving the recordings from OBS at as MP4.


      I have been trying to solve this for some time now and I do not believe it is a settings issue with OBS (although I could be wrong) seeing as how if i stream to twitch.tv the quality comes through fine.


      I make a quick sample recording featuring a website page from Wikipedia.  When the video is paused it looks okay and the words are readable.  However once I press play the quality turns so bad the words cant be made out and pretty much look like Arabic.


      Changes I have tried thus far suggested by search resaults:

      In OBS:

      - Much higher bit rate from 3k to 20k

      -Changing Container format from default to flv, and then to MP4



      In Adobe premiere:

      Making a new project and changing the settings to different presets that I thought would better match the incoming file.


      I haven't found much else out there about this and literally cant fathom why the quality would drop when going from paused to playing, or why it seems sub par in adobe premiere compared to live streams, and even replaying archived videos downloaded off of twitch turn out better than this direct recording.


      I am no expert at this so I hope I am providing useful information as to what im trying to do and what I've tried so far, as well as posted this in the right place.

      Thanks for your time and help