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    Script to read creation date from source image and add as text layer?

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      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to work out a solution to a long term time lapse problem.


      The situation is I'm dealing with long term construction time lapse sequences numbering in the tens of thousands of frames shot over a multi year duration. Images outside a defined white balance and luminance range are filtered out using LRTimelapse and then the remaining images are deflickered using the same program. The challenge is I then want to add a date and time counter to the sequence to track the progress.


      On past projects this has been straightforward to do manually as I haven't culled footage in the past. I'd just set the start time and date, the end time and date and linear keyframe between the two or precomp a few looped text layers. That's not going to work now as the filtering is pretty random - we could get a week of overcast weather, a few days of rain here and there, etc. Is there any script or clever way to read the creation time and date from the individual frames in the sequence and then generate a text layer from this data?


      Many thanks!