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    Color tint on BW layer when printing




      I have a strange issue. I have a black/white layer, and when i print it as is, it is black and white - but if i add a black "color overlay" (yes, it is #000000) and use an opacity of 0-60% (or more) I get a color tint when printing, even if it looks completely B/W in PS. So 7% opacity gives me a pale yellow tint on that layer, while the rest of the B/W project is B/W in print.


      I have tried to copy the layer out to a new file, apply the color overlay, flatten image, and move it back to the main project, but it still get this tint.. I use "photoshop manages colors" when printing as well.


      Since i have a color element elsewhere in the project, i cannot force the print to be completely B/W.