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    Trains1985 Level 1

      I am using Ps 5.


      I am having difficulty, when it comes to making masks. In order to make a mask, I duplicate the "Background Layer" > click on the "Add a pixel mask," > and lower the opacity, after turning off the Background Layer.


      However, the only visual illustrations I can find, to see where I have/have not selected, are the tiny pictures within the Mask and Layers windows, not on the large image, itself. The only way to have color (red), to aid me, I have to use the "Edit in Quick Mask Mode" and the "Brush" tool. Unfortunately, this does not seem to give me the ability to lower the opacity of unwanted areas.


      How can I create a shape (in detail) directly on the art, with a tinted color, showing me where and where not the image is masked, and lower the opacity on the non-masked areas?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Press the \ (backslash) key. That will show a red overlay where the mask is, without going into QuickMask mode. Press it again to hide the red mask overlay.


          You can also Option-click/Alt-click the layer mask icon in the Layers panel, which shows only the mask as black and white, with layer content hidden.


          Either way, you can lower the opacity using any method that will lighten mask areas. If it's an overall change you can use Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, etc. If you need to change the opacity of specific areas, paint with a brush set to white and to less than 100% Opacity.

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            Trains1985 Level 1

            Fantastic! I knew it would be something simple, like that.


            Thank you!