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    Adobe IDs and Purchasing Products


      Please can Adobe do something regarding IDs and Products.

      Each time we go and buy a product we're told:

      "You already have a Creative Cloud Photography plan (one-year, prepaid) subscription on your account. You can't have two licenses of the same product on one account."


      "We're sorry, the billing information on file could not be used for this payment. Please update your information"

      Because we already have Creative Cloud All Apps products.


      Why do we have to create a new ID every time, how many email accounts do you think we have?

      Why can't Adobe make it easy to purchase from them?

      If you're going to take your business solely online Adobe's approach is a sure way of how NOT to do it.

      The products are a complete mess, at least have some CLEAR explanation of what you can and cannot purchase together.

      After an hour online with Adobe chat I am told this is a "System Limitation"

      We feel like sending an invoice for our time.