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    Lightroom creates keywords duplicates


      Hello, dear Lightroom experts!

      I'm using Lightroom for a long time. The catalog I'm working now I was previously used on Mac (current version of LR CC).

      Now I switched to Lightroom CC 2015.12 on Windows10. In this catalog I have a large amount of keywords in strong hierarchy.

      When I add new photos to existing folder (of courese, using LR interface, not moving files in OS file manager), I then sync keywords with existing photos, using Sync Metadata button in Library module. Previosly this worked very fine, I had the same keywords on old and new photos.

      But now, when I use this scenario, I'm getting duplictes of some (not all) keywords. The duplicates has it's own hierarchy, it is the same as original.

      I also tried to copy old photo's keywords fromkeywording pane and past it to the keywording pane for a new photo whith the same result (keywords are duplicted in the keyword list). Also I tried to copy metadata with Metadata menu with the same result. When the copy metadata window appears, there are not all kewords in the keyword field.

      I don'tknow if it matters, but my keyword list is in Russian.

      Does anyone have the same issue?

      May be any thoughts?

      Thank You for Your attention.