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    services-config.xml REALLY necessary?


      Could somebody please clarify why we need the "services-config.xml" file when running in the context of Flex 3/AMFPHP?

      As near as I can tell, "services-config.xml" MIGHT be a requirement for running with LiveCycle Data Services, but while I'm admittedly new at all this, it seems to me to be completely unnecessary or even detrimental when running with Flex 3 and AMFPHP. Using the "services-config.xml" file requires that it compiled into the project which pretty much makes it fixed at run time. By expressing it programmatically at run time (using AS and the appropriate property of the RemoteObject; "endpoint" I think it is...), you open the possibility of being able to read the appropriate URL from an INI file or something, very handy if you are installing your SWF on different servers with potentially different directory structures.

      Could somebody please clarify this for me?

      And would somebody PLEASE put up a good Flex 3, Flex Builder 3, AMFPHP set of tutorials/examples? Considering how important accessing backend data is, you would think such examples would be common as dirt, but they're not. All I can find are a bunch of Flex 2 examples, and the occasional Flex 3 example INSISTS on using "services-config.xml".

      Thanks in advance.