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    Bad Fullscreen Playback

    Stephan Valkenier

      When in full screen playback, I experience strange horizontal glitches, most notably when there is movement in the frame. It's like there horizontal bands across the screen that show different frames. Slightly hard to explain, would be easier to show.


      I am on a Windows 10 Desktop, 7700K Intel CPU, 32Gb Ram, Radeon RX480 8GB GPU, fast internal raid for media, two SSD's for program/OS and cache.


      The problem persists on CPU only playback and with OpenCL, with HD and UHD footage, and with different codecs.


      It does not happen in the normal source of program monitor, not even when in 100%.


      I have chatted about this with Adobe, I have called them, spent many hours with them, but they were unable to resolve it, promised to come back to me and never did in many months, so I am hoping for a response here.