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    Arabic Text Selection Issue and Unicode 9 Values




      When you type some Arabic Text with Adobe World Ready Composer the select text via keyboard wrong side selection.


      Please type some text in Arabic then select typed text via Keyboard with Arrow, when you click on right arrow for selecting the text not work when you click on left arrow then text selection done but selection is wrong side according to Arabic. Please check.


      2nd Issue is : user cannot type Unicode 9 value in this version i.e U+08D5, 08D6, 08D7, 08D8,08D9,08DA,08DB,08DC,08DD,08DE,08DF,08E0,08E1,08E2



      Syed Manzar

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          Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

          Regarding highlighting Arabic text (Selecting it) using keyboard arrows, this weird behaviour has been always like so, we users are actually got used to it!


          See, you may change cursor movement direction between Logical and Visual in the Preferences > Right–to–Left, but this will not affect highlighting text with arrow keys unfortunately.

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            Manzar Level 1

            Many thanks for reply, there is no issue with cursor movement facing issue with Arabic text selection via Keyboard Arrow, any idea when Adobe clear this bug or issue.


            You forget to answer my 2nd question why some Unicode 9 Arabic Quranic Aerabs are not work in InDesign.

            These are new Unicode 9 Arabic characters, unfortunetly these all  are not work in InDesign.

            means InDesign not recognized these value as a Mark.


            Example : If you type Aaya Circle then type Ruku Sign then Ruku Sign is not shift on Circle Head but if you type other Quranic Sign use in earlier version of Unicode it will work only Unicode 9 Value is not work.


            FYI : in Opentype Layout we set all as mark and working fine in VOLT.


            Please help me I am working with Holy Quran Layout in InDesign.



            Syed Manzar Hasan