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    ADE Installation failures (useless software team?)


      Hi All,

      When is a new version coming out which works!?


      This really is the most incompetent piece of software I think I have ever come across ...

      Win10 install - crashes every time on startup

      Win7 install - crash the same

      WinXP install - crash the same

      MacOS X install - works - but won't download anything


      So I go to the updates page - it says Version 4.5.4 on the screen, but says it's installing version 4.5.5 ...


      I think configuration control is broken too ... i found a version for the Mac (with a 2017 date) called v2.5, which sort of works ...


      Looking at the huge number of difficulties users are having. I think it's time Adobe 'insourced' the programming back to the USA ... the team in India have proved they are not competent ...


      I feel so sorry for the content producers, to have their reputations dragged down by association with Adobe.


      Ciao, P