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    Font conflicts with both packaged and installed fonts

    Jojakeem Level 1

      It seems like I found the origin of weeks of multiple daily crashes and font conflicts. It seems like Indesign can't deal well with fonts which are both installed on the system and are located in a subfolder generated by 'Indesign Package'. In this case Indesign denies the existence of the particular font. Maybe it has something to do with naming conflicts? I notice that it seems it looks for individual weight names in contrary to font family/weight names. So for instance the font I use is Family 'Helvetica', weight 'Bold', it looks for a font called 'Helvetica-Bold'.


      The reason I work from package folders is I often work with Incopy workflows. Installing/uninstalling fonts all the time would be quite a drag.


      Can anyone else acknowledge this is a bug?