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    Split screen

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      Hi guys,


      I have a question. I am designing a portfolio website and I really want to built in something like this:

      The full page blocks/split screen with pictures inside. I like the idea of 2 blocks, but 3 would be even better.

      How do I make this in Muse? Can someone help me?


      Thank you!


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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Yes this is possible, but …

          the real question is: What should happen with these elements after placing them?

          What you have to do:

          • Take care that the single elements are precisely(!) of equal size or equal part of this size. This considerably simplifies the construction.
          • Take care, that all elements are scaling in the same way (proportionally, only width)
          • Text will be difficult, because textboxes grow vertically, not proportionally, when the browser window is resized. Best would be, to place text as a SVG graphic.

          Look at this example file: http://image-grid-2.businesscatalyst.com/index.html

          You may download the corresponding .muse file directly from the site – if you find the trigger! Just hover over the elements and look, how they behave!

          You may also have a look at this site. http://image-grid.businesscatalyst.com. It is a little bit more complicated, but works the same way.

          If you don’t want to create something like this by yourself (I’d suggest to do it, because it is a really, really great way to learn, how Muse behaves!), you can choose from many 3rd party widgets out there! This is a great starting point: https://musewidgets.com/collections/all/image

          Questions? Please ask!