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    Some collections have disappeared after moving catalog to a new larger portable drive

    Karl Photographer

      The set-up I use for my photography is to save all my raw files onto a portable drive, along with my LR catalog. That way I can move between college, work and home and open the catalog anywhere. But recently my old 2TB hard-drive had issues because it was almost full, so I bought a new larger 5TB drive and simply copied and pasted everything from the 2TB drive onto the 5TB drive. However when I then tried to launch the LR catalog in work today I noticed there was a small exclamation mark beside most (not all) of the images. I selected all the images with this mark, right clicked the first image and located the new location of the image on the 5TB drive. That seemed to fix the warning exclamation marks. However, when I went browsing through the images I noticed by chance that one of the shoots was now missing from the collections. The files are all still on the catalog, and their star ratings are still there. But they were carefully edited and sorted into collections, many of which are now gone. It only seems to have happened to a few shoots from about 2-5 months ago. I have some shoots done in the last few weeks that have all the collections still intact.


      Can anyone explain what has happened to the missing collections? And also is it possible to restore them from a backup or something? Or will this restore only cause me to lose data saved since the restore point? (Btw, I can't see a clear date when this issue started, and when it stopped or resolved itself) , so I'm not even sure what restore point I would choose if that is an option.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          I assume (even though it's not clear from your description) that you haven't changed your catalog because of the move ... you are still using the exact same catalog file as before the move. Is that correct?


          Is it possible that you accidentally opened the wrong catalog file? How do you know?


          Is it possible that this photo shoot was never in one of the collections?

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            Karl Photographer Level 1

            Hi Paige, I simply copied and pasted everything from the old drive onto the new one. Everything is the same, same files, same catalog, same everything.


            And it's definitely the same catalog. I only use two LR catalogs. the one on my portable drive (which is missing some collections) and the one on the desktop Mac in work. They have different shoots (and none of the same images appear in both catalogs, they are both clearly delineated), so I know by the photographs in the catalog that I have opened the right one. 


            As for not having made collections in the first place, I know for sure that this isn't the case because I spent a whole day (for each shoot) processing, editing and sorting these various shoots into carefully designed collections for proofing and then sending to design to print. They couldn't have gone to design without these collections and sorting process being done.