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    Fly-Out Menu Opening in the Wrong Direction

    hollyeperret Level 1

      Hello, I'm having an issue with fly-out menus on my toolbar in which they open in the wrong direction. I am using three monitors and prefer to use the center monitor as my active workspace. When I click on a fly-out on the toolbar, such as the shape fly-out, it opens to the left, instead of the right. Since I am using 3 monitors, this means its opening up into my left monitor and overlapping whatever program I have open over there.


      Of course, when I move the toolbar to the right side and attach it to all of my open windows (layers, colors, etc.) the fly-out menus open to the right and cover those windows. That is less bothersome than going into a different screen, but still not desired.


      How do I attach my toolbar to the left of the screen and make the fly-outs open to the right?


      This is the only program I've had this issue with.