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    Premiere pro cc 2017 & Media encoder cc 2017 Slow rendering



      I believe there is thousand threads about similar problem, but I tried lots of things suggested there and nothing helps.

      So few months ago I got my new rig

      Ryzen 5 1600 + gtx 1070+16gb ram

      I was using media encoder to render videos and video length 30 minutes was rendering in 45-48 minutes it was decent time and I was very happy of my upgrade.

      Now the video of 30 minutes are usually rendering over 1h (last video in 1hour 8 minutes), I tryed to do lots of thing suggested on forums like clearing cashe, checking windows for viruses/malvare, defragmenting disks "trying" to select CUDA but nothing changing in rendering time from software only option and CUDA rendering.

      Please any suggestions would be appreciated also will add an image with task manager while rendering video in encoder.





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