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    Master Expression for Multiple Layers

    ericsten Level 2

      Working on a project that may have many hundreds of layers, and while many will have the same animations with time offsets etc I need to build it as an adjustable template.


      Effectively I'm looking for a way to have many layers using the same expression from a single control layer so that if I want to make modifications to the expression I don't have to go through 100+ layers and re-paste the expression.


      Ideal scenario would be to have an "Master Expressions" layer which has many properties with the applied expressions and then on all my other layers have them pull the expression code from the appropriate "Master Expressions" property. This way when I update the code in the "Master Expressions" it is applied globally across all linked layers.


      I've attempted to use a Text Layer and input my expression in the "Source Text" parameter, but I have not found a way to pull the full text as applied expression for another layer.


      Any ideas?