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    Adobe Elements 15: Organizer Slideshow export not working


      Hi all,


      I want to create a slideshow from 20 pictures using Elements Organizer (15). I select the images, then Create->Slideshow and select a template. The preview shows and then I want to export this to local disk (or Facebook).  I click export to local disk, fill in the name and keep the default settings (tried them all). After that I click Export and Organizer will just show Preparing Slide show video, with no progress (even after hours).



      I can't seem to figure out what is cousin this, did reboots etc. I'm using Windows 10 on a the latest Mac book Pro.


      I'm currently still using the Trial as I'm evaluating the software. Willing to buy, but I need something to fix slideshows within me movies. Any help is appreciated.