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    Moving Bookmarks without moving pages




      I have a very long document that i have gone through and bookmarked several pages. I would now like to reorganize the bookmarks in the bookmark pane, however when I move a book mark, or add a bookmark hierarchy, it moves the pages within the document. The pages need to remain where they are.


      Somewhat irritating since the Adobe Bookmark "help" specifically says, when you nest a bookmark the pages will remain unchanged (see quote below). Am I misunderstanding this? or is there a way to lock the PDF pages so i can literally just move the bookmarks without moving where the pages are in the document.

      "Drag the icon or icons directly underneath the parent bookmark icon. The Line icon shows the position of the icon or icons. The bookmark is nested; however, the actual page remains in its original location in the document." - Source Page thumbnails and bookmarks in PDFs, Adobe Acrobat



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That should not happen... Bookmarks only point to pages, they are not "linked" to them. How are you moving them, exactly? What application are you using, including exact version?

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            tms90 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            I am moving the bookmarks by performing the click, hold, and drag to a different spot in the bookmark pane, pretty much exactly like the 'bookmarks' help page explains.


            I do have PDF Flyer and probably a couple of other plug ins, but from what I can tell they would not have an effect.


            My Adobe version is Adobe Acrobat Standard DC - Version 2015.006.30306


            Its also labeled as:

            File Version - 15.006.30306.25331

            AGM Version - 4.030.00069

            CoolType Version - 5.014.00019

            Core - 15.1536





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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Very very strange... That should not happen. Can you share the file in question? Maybe before and after you moved the bookmarks?

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                tms90 Level 1

                I did a repair installation on my PDF program while creating an ABC template to upload. When I attempted the the bookmark switch and noticed it was not changing the page order in my 3 page document. I went back to my original PDF and tried it again and it look like it is working properly now.


                I will note, previously when I was reordering the bookmarks it would take a while to load the changes (i'm assuming from reordering the pages). When made the bookmark changes on the second go around, the changes were instant. So I assume the repair is what fixed it. But i'm not sure.


                Thank you for the prompt responses! I'd be willing to provide my info to really get to the bottom of the issue for research purposes if necessary. Otherwise I'll just be happy its functioning as intended.


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                  bradleyw20737825 Level 1

                  In PDFlyer, there is an option to relocate pages when you relocate bookmarks.  I am a CPA and this function can be helpful when preparing tax returns as we try to organize similar documents within a single pdf.


                  If you go to PDFlyer settings, the first section in the left-hand area is "Bookmarks".  Make sure this section is selected (should be by default).  On the right-hand side, the option is "Activate bookmark move function".  If you have this checked, when you move bookmarks, your pages will get out of whack.  If you do not check it, when you relocate bookmarks, your pages should remain.


                  Hope this helps.