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    Image frame displacement

    gvmm Level 1

      I am working on a responsive design site that has a text block with an imbedded image with a negative left wrap value. (I want the text to overlay a light gradient area of the image.)

      As I work down toward iPhone-resolution width breakpoints, I reduce the font size and adjust the image size. I have noticed a very pronounced tendency tor the image frame to become displaced from the underlying image.

      frame problem.jpg


      I have tried lots of ways of jogging the frame's relation to the underlying image, including shifting the wrap values, cutting and repasting the image, opening and closing the page... So far, no joy.


      This seems to be part of a general pattern of Muse graphics becoming displaced from their frames.


      Is there a known issue here? And, better yet, a fix?




      Richard Hurley

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi Richard,


          Am checking with the team to see what could be going wrong here. Meanwhile, I am hoping that our experts here have an answer for you.




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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            This is just happening, because text wrap does not work properly with responsiveness.

            As far as I experienced you should copy your text with the wrapped picture, hide this misplacing text in your mobile breakpoint, and use the copy of it and set it up as you need it. Of course you should hide this copy in other breakpoints.


            If I missed something Günter Heißenbüttel, I invite you to this – you are the text guru, for me at least .


            Does this help?


            Best Regards,


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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              Give us a .muse file with only one page and only this textframe with its inline image. Please follow this instruction: https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-8652

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                gvmm Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestion, Fotoroeder. I'll use the technique if I have to, but it would result in a lot of extra layers, since I use a lot of breakpoints. I'd like to find some way to get this to work.


                I should have added that I am using Copy size and position from a finished breakpoint to the next smaller breakpoint. This rough positions the content, which I then tweak. The frame displacement seems to get weirder and weirder that way.


                In general, I have opted for separate text and image placement, since image inclusion in text has seemed problematic. I decided to try it again on this page, since there is only one image and one main text block. It seemed a good time to test and see if the technique can be made to work at all.


                Here's a link to the Dropbox folder with the peccant .muse file. I haven't used this Copy Dropbox Link command before, so if there is any additional security stuff I need to do so people can access the file, let me know. The breakpoint at 680 px shows maximum displacement.


                Dropbox - for Adobe


                Late-breaking news: You know how when you go to the doctor, what is ailing you magically heals?


                I closed the working version of this site after making a duplicate to strip down and then upload to Dropbox. I just re-opened the working version, and the displacement has disappeared. So...whatever is going wrong is fixed by closing and reopening the .muse file. Not a pretty fix, but better than none.


                Even later-breaking news: I just duplicated the text block containing the image because I wanted to adjust the wrap value. The displaced frame reappeared in the duplicate layer. This is getting too weird– probably a case of possession by evil spirits. I'll stop posting until the Adobe-folk have had a chance to look at the .muse file.

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                  Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                  I can’t reproduce the issue, you are encountering.

                  Could you please tell us the single steps (select the text, set size to xxx, select the image, …), which are necessary to eventually reproduce the issue?

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                    gvmm Level 1

                    I just opened the .muse file in the Dropbox whose link I posted. I opened the page CA_CW reviews and went to breakpoint 680 and selected the text block. I then selected the image of the soldier within that block and recreated the displaced frame. Here's what it looked like:


                    Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.05.48 AM.png

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                      fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                      Looks great, except except the frame outside the canvas. Delete it or hide it in breakpoint.

                      Or did I miss something?



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                        Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                        Nows I see!

                        What I did:

                        • I copied the image and placed it onto the canvas.
                        • I deleted the inline image and placed the copied version into the text again (placed in front of the first character, left side wrapping).
                        • I couldn’t reproduce the misplaced container.
                        • Next step: I selected the image again, and dragged it a little bit downwards (normally this is a documented action to vertically reposition inline objects.)

                        -> The misplaced frame appears again.

                        -> The same happens, if I reposition the image within its image frame.


                        Could you please verify, if this is a correct observation? If yes: You found a bug.

                        Would be nice, if Preran or ankushr40215001 may have a look at this!

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                          gvmm Level 1

                          I repeated your steps and got the same results.


                          Nothing in the world more gratifying than reproducing a bug. (I say this as an old Lingo programmer.)


                          I'll use the copy, cut, replace procedure if the problem crops up again. And avoid tugging inline images downward.


                          I have to say, the proposed workaround makes me a bit nervous, since I don't have a firm grip on Muse's OOP architecture. Specifically, I'm not clear on the effects of cutting and pasting objects that are displayed in other breakpoints (and have labor invested in their size and placement). I've been fooled a few times in my expectations. Is there any discussion of this I could refer to?


                          While I've got you here, an idea for a new feature: collapsible paragraph style folders. The more familiar I get with responsive design, the more size-dependent style variations I want to employ. Be nice to be able to stow away style "clusters" not currently in use.





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                            Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                            If you want to have a look at the latest prerelease version of Muse, sign up here: https://forums.adobeprerelease.com/muse

                            The Prerelease version installs completely independent from the „published“ version; they don’t interact with each other. So there is no risk.

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                              Preran Adobe Employee

                              Thank you. I will ask Ankush to take a look.


                              Richard Hurley : Feel free to log a bug with the team directly using Adobe Muse CC: Feature Ideas Provide all the information required for the team to reproduce and fix the issue.