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    Uneven eye movement


      Hello lovely people!


      I have a query regarding eye movement, I'm hoping someone can help me

      This is my character, he's a zombie pirate. If you look at his pupils, their resting position isn't central to the eyeball, he's slightly cross-eyed as that works best for the character composition.


      Currently when I track the eyes it works, but the positions aren't quite right for the character. See one eye looks further than the other due to their starting positions not being central.


      What I'm hoping to achieve is something more like this. Is there a way to tweek the pupils individually so I can get this effect working?


      Any advice you have would be most welcome! Thanks everyone



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Currently there isn't a great way to do this that I'm aware of (I'll ask others on the team to follow up though). I just experimented for a little bit trying to add separate eye gaze behaviors to the left and right eyes and adjust the camera / mouse & touch strength, but didn't get anything too great. If you want total control, key triggered eye dart animations might be a safer bet than the camera/mouse tracking.

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            toe Level 1

            Thank you! I'm currently controlling the eyes with mouse drag, but I'll give key triggers a try.