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    UNIX, Windows and MovieClipLoader()

    Bob Pierce
      Can anyone explain this? On development sites I've started using a preload sequence which attempts to load the required .swf using MovieCipLoader.loadClip(). If the .swf doesn't exist yet, an onLoadError event occurs and default.swf is loaded instead - at least on my local testing server it is. On the remote server, in certain cases, it's not.

      The .swf file names take the form tray_X_pane_Y.swf, where X and Y are numbers representing menu tabs and subtabs. In addition there is a set of utility files named tray_F_pane_Y.swf where F is always F! I have a site at the moment which has very few existing .swfs but all the tray_F ones. Testing through Dreamweaver on my local testing server, the default.swf is loaded correctly each time but on the remote server it's not. For some menu tabs a tab_F .swf is loaded instead of default.swf - eg, when tab_2_pane_3.swf is passed to loadClip(), no onLoadError is triggered and tray_F_pane_3.swf is loaded instead.

      The only difference I can think of is that my testing server runs Apache under Windows while the remote one is Apache under Unix. I've set up a debug text window on the site so I can trace what's happening and this confirms the correct .swf name is being passed and that no onLoadError is generated. The files that are wrongly loaded are consistent each time but the pattern is not simple. All tray_X_pane_0.swf files are handled correctly. Mostly is seems that if tray_X_pane_1.swf exists then all tray_X files are handled correctly. Any suggestions gratefully received - is there a further trace I could use to track things down?