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    Stacking in photoshop


      Hi all,


      I am new to PS so apologies for the novice question. I took multiple pictures of a sunset last night and I'm trying to stack them in PS. I created a script to stack two photos and then created a smart object and automatically aligned them. I then created a mean (I also tried median) image but the final product is still producing two suns even though they were shot at the same time. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of one of them so I only have one sun in the final photo? Everything else looks fine and there are no duplicate objects except the sun.


      Thanks a lot.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Instead of turning the layers into a smart object, try selecting the layers, go to Edit>Auto-Align Layers and then Edit>Auto Blend Layers with Stack Images and Seamless Tones and Colors checked.

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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Is this using different exposures? If so, you can also use Camera Raw, which does a very good job combining images.

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              sanghaom Level 1

              Thanks Jeff. I tried that and for some reason (even though it's the same image) the auto-align doesn't make the images line up.


              I wonder if it would be better to copy the sky from one image and paste it into the other. However when I try to do that my selection tool doesn't appear to work. When I select the sky and hold the mouse down it appear to grab everything I want but the minute I let go of the mouse the selection disappears. Any ideas on how to prevent this?