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    I get super lag when I press keyboard Keys and use stylus, but keyboard and mouse work fine.


      So, I've had this issue for a long time, where if i'm painting with my stylus hovering over my tablet and i use the ALT button to color pick Photoshop lags out really hard, but it also happens with every keyboard key i press. But the weird thing is if I do the same thing with my keyboard, but i'm using the mouse everything works totally fine, no lag at all. I've tried multiple tablets and everything from driver re-install to whole system re-install, and nothing has changed. The only thing that pops up as different to me is when using the tablet and hit a keyboard key, I get a small box under my cursor telling me the key i pressed down, but when I use my mouse, I don't get that box. Has anyone else run into this issue before, If anyone has any thoughts or advice, it would be greatly appreciated!