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    Brochure (booklet)

    barzzeb49197134 Level 1

      I have a multiple page brochure that I created in InDesign cs6 and how can I create a pages flip effect in InDesign?

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          Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign page transitions only can be seen in an Interactive pdf or as a .swf file viewable on Flash player. However, .swf files and flash player are very much on their way out so it's not recommended going that route. With the exception of the Page Turn transition they will all work in an Interactive pdf set on full screen mode. Bear in mind also that Interactive pdfs can only be viewed through Acrobat 9 or above.

          If you still want to know how to apply page transitions see the screen shot below:

          PAGE TRANSITIONS.png

          You can find the transitions through the Pages Panel pull-down menu>Page Attributes>Page Transitions>Choose. You will then see the Page Transitions dialog box and you can choose what you want there. Note that a double box icon will appear in the Page Panel next to any pages that the transitions are applied to. Then you can export the file as an Interactive pdf. Note that in the Export dialog box that "Open in Full Screen Mode" must be checked. When this is checked you will get the option to have the pages turn at a timed interval. Remember the transitions can only be seen in full screen mode.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            The page turning effect becomes irritating vey quickly, if you must have it have a look at

            Free PDF Page Flip Software - Empower PDF with Page Flipping Effect | Flipbuilder.com

            There are other companies who supply this kind of thing also.

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