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    The Vendor account you entered is not associated with item you are trying to open error msg

    jinghaos46331512 Level 1

      I believe it has been asked for many times online,but i can't found a solution online.. and contacted Adobe Help Chat.. as per usual like others, been directed to this forum to post my question..


      It looks like (from my reading online).. when I first purchased the ebook (epub) from Google Playstore, and downloaded as epub, it directly opened in Adobe Digital Edition application (frankly, I never know it exists this application)... It opened ebook, b'cos I haven't sign in an Adobe account to authorize desktop, it assigned an  unique ID to that book(that is my understanding from online search)... Recently, my company has upgraded my desktop to a faster PC, b'cos that unique ID only exits in old PC (which I have no idea where is it now)... I can not open all my ebook anymore..I just want to know how to reset it... I tried to download my book from Google Playbook again, but won't open up, with above error msg..any idea how to fix it?


      Why ADE can not just force any new users to sign in proper adobe userid, rather than assign an unique ID, to minimize this kinda of troublesome.. it is sooo annoying for any new users