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    Robo-Help 9 can access through network ?



      I am using robohelp version 9  and currently we are using your tool to create .chm file for online help for my application.

      My application is enterprise application and implemented with .net (visual studio 2015)


      Currently we are creating setup of application like .exe (i.e. desktop application ) and .chm file is part of setup. it will get install on local machine when setup will get installed.


      It means that .chm files are part of setup so setup become very heavy and slow (setup building).

      So now we want to separate .chm file from setup. ( setup - .chm file)


      Now we are thinking that we will access .chm files through network. (client - server)

      we .chm files will on server side and client can access that .chm files from server whenever they require.



      is it possible ?


      if yes then please let us know how ?