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    Image rejected


      I am seeking clarification on a decision by Adobe to decline a file on 8/8, reason being "Intellectual Property Violation". The image is a shot of fireworks over the Melbourne skyline and no single building dominates the scene. Ten tall buildings and several shorter ones are in the image. Part of Federation Square can be seen at the bottom of the pic and part of St Pauls is in the left bottom corner.


      I read the guidelines which stated that scenes where no one subject stands out is acceptable, and I believe this image adheres to that statement. Adobe's reply appears below which includes a small version of the image.

      New Year's Eve Melbourne.jpg


      I have since searched and located similar images and I find it hard to believe that the photographer would have a property release. One such image appears below.




      I am a relatively new contributor and I'm just trying to get a handle on what is and isn't acceptable.


      Look forward to a resolution.

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          ricky336 Adobe Community Professional

          Was the event a celebration - say Australia Day? If so, this may be the reason. (The other shot you gave as an example also looks to me as if the fireworks have been added, so wouldn't require a release??) I think the problem here are the fireworks. However, this is just a guess, and what I would conclude had I submitted such an image.

          It would be nice if the rejection came with more detail, but as the reviewers probably have to go through hundreds of pics, it would be rather tedious to give more detailed reasons - don't you think.

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            hferrier56 Level 1

            It was New Year's Eve. This is a public event with fireworks going off all over the city. There is no charge to witness it and no streets are closed off. I just can't understand how you even begin going about obtaining a release for this.

            It's not as if the fireworks themselves are distinctly recognisable.


            Still furrowing my brow on this one.

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              I haven't spoken with the moderators about this specific image but when you call out a specific building in the image within your keywords then it is no longer a cityscape. In the file you listed, you added St. Paul's Cathedral Melbourne as a keyword. By doing so, you made that building the main subject of the image.



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                hferrier56 Level 1

                I suppose that's sounds reasonable, even though the cathedral is located down in the extreme left bottom corner.


                If I delete all references to specific buildings I assume it will pass muster?

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                  MatHayward Adobe Employee

                  I couldn't answer that question definitively. The moderation team works independent of customer service. They aren't able to provide specific feedback on rejections due to the high volume of content being reviewed and the urgent need for timely reviews.



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                    hferrier56 Level 1

                    Understand completely Mat, I will give it a go anyway and see what happens. Thanks for your time.