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    Server-structure messed up // InDesign missing links -massive- problem




      one of our ex-juniors changed the full file-server structure because of -who knows?-

      Because of an internal initial decision that we don't make packages (????) ALL our links are missing.



      Problem / situation:


      initial file server structure (example)


      products - product name - visuals - old name.psd


      new structure (example)


      visuals - products - product name - high res - new (other!) name.psd


      this is not only for images but for almost every possible asset (logo's, swatches, ....)


      Main problem: when opening an .indd almost 90% of our design files (approx. 1000+) have approx. between 60 and 100% missing links.


      Anyone an idea how to streamline the process to solve this problem without doing it manually?


      thank you!