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    Lost .lrcat?



      I've recently started a new job, working with Lightroom and other Adobe products.


      Today, i was gonna start Lightroom when suddenly a window pops. It says Lightroom want to create a new catalog where the info about my pictures is stored,

      After that it says where it will create the catalog, this adress is my personal disc on ha network server.


      I can click on Continue, or Choose another target (sorry my bad english). If i select Continue, it says it dont want to create on network volumes.


      If i select Choose another.. It wants me to choose another target or create a new. How ever, my .lrcat file cant be found anywhere. I didnt have this problem first time i installed Lightroom. Ive searched the .lrcat everywhere but it cant be found. Also reinstalled Lightroom several times but no success. Could the lrcat file been installed on the network harddrive but then removed?


      I would gladely post screen shots but they would be in Swedish so i dont know if they'd help you.


      Anyone know what i should do?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Use your operating system's search feature to search all of your hard disks for files whose name ends with .LRCAT. Double-click on each one found to open them in Lightroom until you find the catalog you want.

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            johans53146599 Level 1

            Yes, I've searched on My Computer which should include all disks, network and my personal. But it doesnt find any .lrcat file.

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              johans53146599 Level 1

              Now i found a lr.lrcat file with an earth globe icon like a internet link when i searched. However, i cant find the file (or the direction) where it says its located, it seems like its invisible except when i search.


              Problem is i cant double click it beacause it. When i do, it says "Cant find the file file:///D:/Lightroom/lr.lrcat. Check that you specified the right name and try again (sorry bad english).

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                dj_paige Level 10

                Do you have a backup of your catalog file?

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                  johans53146599 Level 1

                  Probably not, as I said Im new at this job so didnt had the time yet.


                  Tried to copy that file and put in a safe hard drive and use that directory in Lightroom. When I did LR said that the file couldnt be used, An unexpected error occured, it says. The file wasnt shown all though it was looking for .lrcat files, I had to choose All files to select it. Maybe didnt work beacause it thinks its an URL.

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                    dj_paige Level 10

                    You might want to ask your company if they make automatic backups of your files.


                    Otherwise, unless you can find this file somehow (and I know you said you weren't able to find it), I'd say it is gone.


                    I'd also say that even beginners need to make backups of their work.