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    Connect my already existing account of Fotolia with Adobe

    nvlass Level 1

      Hi I have trouble to connect my account with the adobe

      When I enter the Adobes site it says

      We've noticed that you are selling on Fotolia.

      Fotolia is now part of Adobe Stock so let's get your accounts synced.


      But I get e same error all the time "Your credentials could not be authenticated. Please try again."



      I have tried thousands of times I tried to solve it here in the other thread but they sent me to Fotolia

      Fotolia latest answer is this:

      I am really sorry to hear that Nikos. I can see that you are currently logged into your Fotolia account, so there's nothing wrong with your Fotolia login credentials.


      I guess my next question to ask is; are you able to log in to your Adobe Stock account?

      If yes, and you are still having difficulties sync'n the account, please contact Adobe Stock at +1-800-833-6687 for assistance with this (Unfortunately from here we do not have access to the AS platform).

      If you are not able to log into your Adobe Stock account, you should also contact Adobe Stock for support.


      Now, if you don't remember what is your Fotolia login or password (even though you are currently logged in), please let me know and I will reset and send you a new "Fotolia" password.

      FYI: Your Fotolia login name is: vlasiadis


      As far as I understand the migration process should be super easy, as follows:

      - Browse Adobe Stock: https://contributor.stock.adobe.com

      - Log into your Adobe Stock account using your Adobe Stock login and password

      - Click to Sync with your Fotolia account

      - When requires, enter your Fotolia login name (vlasiadis) + your Fotolia password.

      Voalá! That should transfer your Fotolia account over Adobe Stock.


      But again Nikos, unfortunately we do not have access to the Adobe Stock platform from here. If you need more assistance with this please call +1-800-833-6687 for assistance.


      Kind regards,

      Fotolia CS


      So I dont know how to connect the account

      Can you please check it?